Prof. M. Tahar Kechadi

School of Computer Science & Informatics, University College Dublin, Ireland

Professor M-Tahar Kechadi was awarded PhD and Masters degree - in Computer Science from University of Lille 1, France. He joined the UCD School of Computer Science & Informatics (CSI) in 1999. He is currently Professor of Computer Science at CSI, UCD. His research interests span the areas of Data Mining, distributed data mining heterogeneous distributed systems, Grid and Cloud Computing, and digital forensics and cyber-crime investigations. Prof Kechadi has published over 260 research articles in refereed journals and conferences. He serves on the scientific committees for a number of international conferences and he organised and hosted one of the leading conferences in his area. He is currently an editorial board member of the Journal of Future Generation of Computer Systems and of IST Transactions of Applied Mathematics-Modelling and Simulation. He is a member of the communication of the ACM journal and IEEE computer society. He is regularly invited as a keynote speaker in international conferences or to give a seminar series in some Universities worldwide.

The core and central focus of his research for the last decade is how to manage and analyse data quickly and efficiently. Nowadays we live in digital world, we produce more data than we can analyse and exploit. This `big data¿ will continue to grow at rapid pace, will underpin new waves of innovation in nearly every sector of the world economy, and will reshape the way we build and use computers (hardware and software). Currently, his research interests are primarily in




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